Rent a yacht for a day in Saint-Tropez and enjoy !

I have rented a yacht for the day in Saint-Tropez

If you like glamorous places, you are going to be amazed by the French Riviera beauty. Indeed, Saint-Tropez is one of the best French places to visit. In this article, I am going to take you on a day in Saint-Tropez’s sea, on a yacht, as if you were here. Read More

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Difference between a boat and a yacht

With summer fast approaching, you are already looking forward to the joys of boating. The French Riviera, and more particularly Saint-Tropez, offer great prospects. You will have plenty of time to admire magnificent yachts, whether in port or offshore. Suncap Company offers to rent boats and yachts from prestigious shipyards. But what is the difference Read More

motor boat

Buy a motor boat

Increasingly accessible, the motor boat is a device that allows families to enjoy the pleasures of water sports while enjoying maximum comfort and safety. For those who are on the French Riviera, you can easily buy a new boat in Golfe-Juan. What is a motorboat? After telling you about the foiler, let me introduce the Read More

learning kitesurfing

How can you learn to kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is becoming an increasingly popular seaside activity. And for good reason, the activity only requires a bit of physical strength and is therefore accessible to a wide range of people. It does, however, require learning the correct techniques in order to not only enjoy it, but to also move about safely in the water. Read More

diving rangiroa

Learn to dive in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

A visit to French Polynesia is bound to include endless hours spent by the pristine seaside, gazing out over miles of crystal clear waters and gentle Pacific breezes. Often calm and alluring the ocean that surrounds Rangiroa and makes up the bay is one of indescribable beauty but what the surface has to offer is only the beginning. Dive in, take a deeper look and find a world of discovery at your fingertips. Read More

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4 ideas for romantic yacht trips

Have you ever thought of yachting for your romantic outings? This is not just a simple sea trip but an immersion in the heart of an idyllic setting. Obviously, it is important to choose the right horizons to visit. If you are short of inspiration, here are some ideas to explore for a romantic getaway. Read More

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Trying a new adventure : Parasailing in Nice

Holidays in Nice are full of surprises these days. There is plenty to see and do, but visitors are always looking for something new and exciting. One of the latest activities that’s causing a real buzz is parasailing. It’s an unforgettable experience, and there are at least four reasons why you really should try parasailing when you are in Nice.

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route du rhume 2018

Regatta : Route du Rhum 2018

The Route du Rhum 2018 will go from Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. This is the 11th edition . Departure at the beginning of November.

This very popular race is held every four years. Read More

raymarine quantum 2

Safety at Sea: Focus on the Raymarine Quantum 2 Radar

On a boat, a radar can see the danger where your vision stops. Whether during the day, in fog, or at night, a good radar identifies the position of the targets (a yacht, a boat, a ship…) encountered by echo, displays them on the screen, and thus reduces the risk of collision . It is therefore a valuable safety tool for sea trips. Read More

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Foiler : Did you ever saw a flying boat ?

Foilers are flying boats, nothing less. The hydrofoil technology allows these special boats to gain more speed. Read More

elan e5

Focus on the new sailboat : the Elan E5

The Elan 5 is a new sailing yatch from the well known Elan Marine company, designed in the same spirit than the full range of all Elan’s boats. These are craft made for both sailing and racing. They seduce family cruising enthusiasts as much as sailing professionals. Read More


Buy or rent a boat?

The purchase is a great option to make nautical escapades whenever you want. The boat is entirely at your disposal! But before embarking on this path, it is essential to study the project well. Read More

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Rent a yacht in Saint-Tropez

There was a time when yachting was only for royalty or celebrities. These times have changed. You can now rent a yacht in Saint-Tropez to celebrate a special time in your life and make it an unforgettable experience. So, why not do it?

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French Riviera: cruise ship tour to Port of Monaco

Our international tour company has therefore proposed to all clients, groups or individual transfers, and tourist transport services for a tour from French Riviera to the port of Monaco. The tour to the port of Monaco will take a direction through St Paul de Vence: a tour of the old-fashioned village built next to the South Alps as you enjoy the beauty of its artistic influence and numerous art galleries.

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Excessive speed in a port can be punished with a fine by marine police

Entering a port : the rules to follow

When you take to the sea with your boat, you usually leave your harbor where you have a room for years. If you sail for a long time, you will be required to enter marinas for short breaks for gas or sometimes spend one or more nights. Here are some tips and tricks to optimise your stay! Read More