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Rent a yacht in Saint-Tropez

There was a time when yachting was only for royalty or celebrities. These times have changed. You can now rent a yacht in Saint-Tropez to celebrate a special time in your life and make it an unforgettable experience. So, why not do it?

Just imagine renting a yacht to visit the shores of the Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur is world-renowned for its breathtaking scenery. Although you may just be imagining visiting Saint-Tropez, why not extend your horizons further?

A trip to Cannes on your yacht is your chance to take in the Lérins islands. For example, the island of Sainte-Marguerite. At the heart of a luscious forest is the Fort Royal, home to the Musée de la Mer. Saint-Honorat, where you can find the glorious abbey in its peaceful surroundings, should also not be missed.

Travelling towards Monaco, you will find yourself amongst magnificent yachts, seduced by the endless number of luxury homes that overlook the Mediterranean sea. Look up to see the Tête de Chien, a promontory which reaches up to 550 metres. Travelling along the shores, you will come across the high-tech area of Fontvieille and also Monte-Carlo, famous for its casino and opera.

Stay on your boat or yacht to admire the ever-changing scenery or venture off-board and off-piste to explore the towns.

Why not hire a yacht to impress your fiancée on your trip to Saint-Tropez

Do you want to show your love how much you care ? Yacht hire generally includes a skipper service. A bottle of wine or champagne could await you aboard, which will not fail to impress.
If you only want to take a short journey, then you can choose a model without a cabin, so you can experience ultimate freedom. However, if you plan on extending your romantic trip, there are yachts equipped for overnight stays. Imagine a small, cosy room, under the stars; a double cabin with soft lighting and an optional minibar. There will be everything you need to impress your loved one.

Why not use this unique experience in Saint-Tropez to make your marriage proposal? The moment will be so magic that the answer will surely be a ‘yes’. Then you can think about planning your stag party!

Why not think about having your stag party down South on a yacht?

Decision made! A friend (or you) will then be ready to start the adventure that is married life. A summer holiday in Saint-Tropez is definitely an alternative way to spend your stag do! Offshore, try out the watersports activities available: wake boarding, jet-skiing, kitesurfing, kayaking, seabobbing… the choice is endless.

After a day spent showing off your physical prowess, you can return to your yacht or do a cruise ship tour. Many types of parties can be organised aboard to celebrate the transition from the single life to the head of the household, and to make it an unforgettable experience.